Drilling Support Products & Rental Asset Fleet

Rental Asset Fleet

Performance has a complete line of hydraulic chokes, rotating control devices (RCD) and related accessory items.

Hydraulic Chokes

  • Superchokes
  • Autochokes (Available Upon Request)

Rotating Control Device

  • Model 7068 RCD
  • Model DHS 1400 RCD
  • Model HOLD RCD

Accessory Components

  • Flarestacks/Ignitors
  • MGS
  • Drive-Overs
  • DSA’s
  • Spacer Spools
  • MPD Manifolds
  • Orbit Valves
  • Adapter Flanges
  • Adapter Spools
  • Weco Companion Flanges

Field Services

  • Choke Manifold Valve Maintenance/Repairs
  • 15K Lubrication Unit
  • 24/7 Service Technicians
  • Torque/Testing
  • Rolling Inventory
  • 30T Crane Truck Service
  • Customer Property Recertification and Repairs


The SUPERCHOKE is an industry standard, household name. The Superchoke has been utilized by drillers and operators for 75+ years. The simplistic diamond-cut, tungsten carbide choke and disc design provides dependability, long lasting internal pressure containing components. Equipment is maintained utilizing the STEMS Repair Procedure, as well as OEM Replacement parts.

Size Working Pressure
2-9/16” 10K & 15K
3-1/16” 10K & 15K