Reinventing Ball Drop Technology

The Performance Wellhead & Frac Components, Inc. patented SAFElaunch TM Ball Deployment System has proven to be a game changer within the industry.  With 3000+ stages successfully deployed in 2015, the system has become the preferred technology with operators utilizing downhole sleeves in multi-stage well stimulation and completions systems. 


Design Features

  • Ideal Design for Dissolvable/Degradable Frac Balls
  • Ground Skid-Mounted Modular Design for Safer Operations
  • Compatible with Single or Multi-Ball Seat Configurations
  • Continuous Pumping During Stimulation Operations
  • Rapid Change-Out of Ball Canisters (Three Minutes)
  • Ball Size Specific Canisters/Sleeve Inserts
  • Visual/Mechanical Deployment Verifications


Enhanced Safety Features

The SAFElaunch TM Ball Deployment System incorporates numerous key safety features that eliminates the possibility of accidental ball deployment, as well as keeping field personnel isolated from the “Red Zone” during stimulation operations.

Modular Design

A reduced footprint enables operators to setup in a designated area outside the Red Zone

Dual Barrier / Redundant Isolation Valves

Valves isolate the system from stimulation operations

Deployment Verification

Visual/Mechanical Deployment Capability

Ball Specific Canister/Sleeves

The system utilizes “Ball Specific” Canisters and Sleeves, eliminating the possibility of deploying the wrong size ball.

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